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About MEB Systems

With a legacy spanning over 45 years, MEB Systems, Inc. has been a trusted name serving Northeast and Central Ohio, along with neighboring regions. Our unwavering dedication to top-tier craftsmanship and integrity defines our culture.

Since our inception in 1977, MEB Systems, Inc. has exemplified reliability and proficiency in every project undertaken. Our seasoned professionals, equipped with expertise, utilize premium-grade tools and materials to deliver flawless installations and repairs for flat and metal roofs. Our overarching objective is to surpass customer expectations, underscored by our relentless pursuit of refining systems and processes.

Specializing in commercial and industrial roofing, MEB Systems, Inc. holds the prestigious distinction of being recognized as a master contractor by the Conklin Company for over two decades consecutively. Moreover, we have been advocates for white reflective roofs since the inception of the Energy Star program, aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices and innovation.

We value your interest and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to earn your confidence, camaraderie, and patronage.


Mission Statement

To serve our team, customers, and community by offering exceptional and innovative flat roofing services all for the glory of God.

Core Values

Honor God in all we do.

Believe in our team and treat them as our greatest asset.

Ensure quality in every project.

Be innovative and committed to growth/improvement.

Always aim to exceed customer expectations.

Lead with character and intentionality.


MEB is serious about safety.


Safety on the roof involves more than just hardhats and safety glasses. It encompasses training, communication, barriers, equipment, and support for all team members. MEB conducts weekly safety meetings for all employees every Friday morning. At the beginning of every project, a job specific safety plan is put in place and implemented.

Perimeter Safety Measures: OSHA mandates protection for workers on surfaces 6 feet or higher above lower levels. We install perimeter flag lines and safety rails to create safe work zones, ensuring workers are alerted and protected from falls. MEB also utilizes full fall arrest systems with portable fall protection carts where necessary.

Access Ladders: Ladders are a common cause of falls. OSHA requires ladders for elevation breaks of 19 inches or more. Ladders are always inspected and secured to the roof edge to ensure they meet OSHA standards.

Training for Safety: MEB Systems provides all workers with the necessary training in equipment use, hazard recognition, and maintenance. MEB Systems brings qualified third-party trainers to our in-house training room to complete OSHA certification courses, CPR training, and Drug free workplace training.

Protective Equipment: Workers are required to wear appropriate gear and receive training in its use and maintenance. Hard hats are a requirement when working on projects with overhead hazards.

Heavy Equipment Training: Workers are trained in how to use MEB’s heavy equipment. We provide training to receive certification for all-terrain lifts and standard forklift operators, ensuring compliance with safety protocols.

Hydration: Workers in commercial roof repair need consistent hydration, especially in hot conditions. MEB Systems ensures access to water and educates workers on recognizing signs of heat exhaustion.

Prioritizing safety at every step of commercial roofing ensures the well-being of our employees and compliance with OSHA standards. MEB Systems takes great care to maintain the equipment and tools by completing scheduled maintenance through intentional processes that are documented.

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